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El Roble- California Junior Scholarship Federation

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What is CJSF?

The California Junior Scholarship Federation is a statewide academic honor society with a chapter at El Roble Intermediate School. Its purpose is to recognize the outstanding achievements of our students, motivate them to excel academically, and encourage their involvement in community service. Our statewide rules and consequences teach our students the importance of meeting deadlines and following instructions.

Members earn points by attending CJSF meetings and participating in CJSF service projects (House of Ruth Toy/Gift Drive and Relay for Life). Earning sufficient points will allow members to participate in special field trips/activities. Each year we attend the statewide CJSF/CSF night at Knott’s Berry Farm. In the past we have gone bowling, watched movies, visited John’s Incredible Pizza, and arranged swim parties.

We are requesting donations for membership, activities, and transportation costs. If a student chooses not to contribute there is no penalty nor will it affect the student’s ability to participate in the planned activity. Instead, we will have to cancel one or more activities if we do not raise sufficient funds to pay for all qualifying CJSF members to participate in the planned activities.

Membership may also continue at the high school chapter of CSF, using grades from second semester-8th grade, if a student has been active in CJSF for at least one semester during both 7th and 8th grade. This way, CJSF members can become Associate Members their first semester at CHS and be able to participate in CSF activities there, an opportunity that has not existed until the formation of El Roble’s chapter. CJSF also enables students to get a head start on their future resume, especially since nearly every college and university recognizes CSF membership as a unique accomplishment.

Who Can Join?

Semester membership is based on grades from the previous semester in CJSF-approved courses. CJSF-approved summer school classes from summer apply for first semester membership only. Students must recieve at least 2 As and 2 Bs in CJSF approved courses. PE and electives are NOT approved courses.

We are requesting a membership fee of $15 for first time members; the El Roble chapter representatives will collect this fee and send a portion to the Federation as a chapter. Each student member will receive a membership card as well as a CJSF T-shirt. We would also appreciate a $10 donation for each subsequent semester, but it is by no means required. If a student chooses not to contribute there is no penalty nor will it affect the student’s ability to participate.

We encourage all 7th & 8th grade students to sign up during our membership drive.


Our club is independent of school resources. Therefore, all our money comes from sign-ups, fundraisers, and donations. We are always looking for people to sponsor our trips and awards with donations. While parents are encouraged to support our program, please note that participation in fundraising activities is entirely voluntary. If you are interested in helping out or chaperoning a trip, please contact Mr. Roger Gough, Mrs.Cindy Ireland, or Mr. Chris Holcomb.