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What do I need to do to join CJSF?

1. You must earn at least 2 As and 2 Bs in math, history, science and English. Grades in PE and electives do not count. Check the back of the application for qualifying classes. A grade of D or F in any class will disqualify you from joining CJSF.

2. Fill out completely the attached CJSF application.

3. Attach an original or photocopy of the most current report card (not progress report). Copies can be made at Staples, Kinko’s, etc.

4. Turn in completed application, copy of grades, and any donation to the student window before the deadline.


Why do I need to attach a copy of my grades?

A copy of your grades is needed to verify your eligibility. Be sure your name is printed on the copy.


Why can’t the office or my counselor verify my grades?

One part of CJSF’s goals is to help students learn to follow directions, meet deadlines and learn responsibility. CSF at Claremont High School also requires a copy of grades to be attached to their application. CJSF’s application process is just the beginning. College, scholarship, and financial aid applications all have precise directions and deadlines to meet. Failure to follow those directions will have more serious consequences than missing a semester of CJSF! Learn it now!


What do I do if I can’t find my report card?

Your parents can go on-line to Parent Connect and print a copy of your grades. Select “transcript” to make sure your name appears on the printout.


What do I do if I don’t have Internet connection?

You will be given a one-time opportunity to ask either Mrs. Ireland, Mr. Gough, Mrs. Lama,

Mr. Holcomb or Mrs. Braun to look up your grades at least one week ahead of the application deadline. After that, we’re positive you won’t lose your report card.


Where do I find these teachers?

Mrs. Ireland is in Room 507, Mrs. Lama and Mrs. Braun are in Room 501, Mr. Gough is in Room 907 and Mr. Holcomb is in Room 505.


What do I do if they aren’t in their room?

Write a note, take the note to the student window and ask Mrs. Lopeman to please put it in the teacher’s box.


What happens if I don’t follow the directions or meet the deadlines?

No late or incomplete applications will be accepted. You will not qualify to join CJSF for that semester, but may apply again the following semester if you have the required grades.


What is the Honor Award?

It is an award given to CJSF members who have been active and have sufficient points for at least 1 semester in both 7th and 8th grades. Receiving this award will allow you to become a member of CSF at Claremont High School as a first-semester freshman. Other freshmen will have to wait until January to join CSF.


Where can I find out information about meetings, deadlines, etc?

These dates are announced in the Daily Bulletin read to you during SSR. The Daily Bulletin is also displayed in the student showcase next to the health office door. It can also be read on-line.


What do I do if I’m not sure about something or if I have any question Direct your questions to Mrs. Ireland in Room 507, Mrs. Lama and Mrs. Braun in Room 501, Mr. Holcomb in Room 505, and Mr. Gough in Room 907.