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Corrective Procedures

Any corrective action for misbehavior will be taken with the intent of correcting the unacceptable behavior so that the student and classmates can return to productive school activities.

Corrective actions may include:


Counseling by teacher, staff member, counselor, or administrator.

Teacher Detention

  1. Assignment of 15 minutes or appropriate alternative. Students are responsible for notifying parent of detention assignment. Detention will be assigned for the following day to allow for parent notification.
  2. Assignment of 30 minutes or appropriate alternative; optional parent contact. Parent contact is still the student's responsibility.
  3. Serious infringement of Code of Conduct may indicate 1-hour teacher-assigned detention or appropriate alternative with required parent contact.

Office Detention

  1. Office detention will be assigned when teacher detention exceeds 1 hour and no attempt has been made by the student to meet this obligation.
  2. Office detention will be assigned by a counselor or administrator for infractions of school rules or Education/Penal Codes. Parent notification is the student's responsibility. The counselor or administrator will contact the parent after the second infraction or no-show for detention.
  3. Detention is held in the ISS room after school from 2:15-3:15 p.m. Students failing to attend assigned detention, arriving late, or being disruptive will (1) receive no credit for time served, (2) be assigned additional detention, or (3) be suspended.


Suspension from school is invoked and applied when other means of correction have not been successful or when a student's presence would be a danger to others or property or threatens to disrupt the instructional process. Students may be suspended from a particular class or from all classes for one or more days. For all suspensions, parents are notified and are requested to come to school for a conference.


Expulsion recommendation to the Superintendent of Claremont Unified School District is required under certain provisions of the Education Code. Expulsion is discretionary for some infractions, but must be recommended in cases of: (1) causing serious physical injury to another, (2) dangerous object brought to school, (3) sale of controlled substance, (4) robbery or extortion.


The School Attendance Review Board is a legal body assigned the referrals of students with absence/truancy and/or behavioral problems that cannot be solved at the school district level.


The Administration will ask the assistance of the Claremont Police Department in any situation that occurs on campus that is suspected to be in violation of the Penal Code.