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Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To truly make a connection with every student, so that we can better meet their needs to maximize learning,
the El Roble team will:

  • Build on and solidify prior knowledge
  • Provide well-rounded opportunities for social, physical, mental, and emotional development
  • Understand and appreciate the middle school student
  • Collaborate as professionals
  • Meet high levels of achievement through differentiated instruction
  • Develop tolerance and respect for others
  • Develop a sense of intrinsic motivation for achievement
  • Foster responsibility, work ethic, self-concept, and teamwork
  • Facilitate exploration and creativity in academics
  • Foster a technologically literate and functional learning community
  • Facilitate the development of effective communicators

We firmly believe that all students are able to learn.

Mission Statement

The El Roble team is dedicated to developing the whole child by providing a safe and positive learning environment based on mutual trust and respect. Our engaging academic instruction adapts to an evolving society providing the skills and connections necessary to be confident and successful.


"Making Connections."