Michele Ivey (A - K)
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Harmonie Redding (L - Z)
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The Personal Touch

Each student is assigned a counselor. Your counselor is the person with whom you should feel free to discuss any problems that may arise. Information about your program, grades or requirements may be obtained from your counselor. To see your counselor during the school day, fill out a Request for Meeting form obtained at the student window. Remember, the counseling program is to help you get the most out of school. Students are assigned a counselor alphabetically by their last name. Following is an outline that our counselors follow to ensure that each and every student at El Roble is the recipient of the very best care and personal assistance:

  1. Personal adjustment (academic, physical, emotional and social).

  2. Time and study skill management.

  3. Facilitation of parent-teacher conferences.

  4. Consultation for and resource to parents regarding the individual needs of student.

  5. Referral to on-campus counseling services (District psychologist, volunteers from local outside agency).

  6. Referral to outside agency.


  1. Registration and orientation of all students.

  2. Orientation program for incoming 7th grade students:

    1. Visitation to 6th grade classes

    2. Parent / student orientation meetings

  3. Assistant to students and parents in selecting appropriate classes each trimester and adjustment of schedules as necessary.

  4. Interpretation of test data, student's interests and goals and assessment of student's educational needs.

  5. Referral to District and Special Services Department:

    1. Attendance

    2. Health and welfare

    3. Academic, physical, emotional and social development

    4. Special Education evaluation

  6. Monitoring of student's progress.

  7. Preparation of students for transition to 7th, 8th or 9th grades.

  8. Referral and recommendation to high school for 9th grade courses.

  9. Facilitation of pre-vocational exploration and long-range educational planning.