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StopIt App

StopIt app

Should a student face the need to report something anonymously, we are now using the STOPit! App. It is a free download via Android or Apple, and the only information that needs to be entered is the password for El Roble Intermediate, which can be accessed in the Canvas page.  Administration can also provide the password. 

Students can also access STOPit! via the web, at: 

This is only monitored during school hours, in the event of an emergency, staff and students should call 911.

Some reasons to use STOPit! App are to report the following:

 Self-Harm

 Threats to school, classmates or staff

 Bullying, cyber bullying, harassment, threats or intimidation

 Physical assault or hazing

 Discrimination

 Weapons possession

 Vandalism

 Sexual harassment

 Drugs or alcohol

 Violations of any school codes