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The purpose of the Code of Conduct is:

  • To inform parents and students of a code of acceptable behavior that reflects the philosophy and high standards of El Roble Intermediate School as well as the word and intent of the Civil, Penal, Health and Safety, and Education Codes.

  • To promote a school atmosphere conducive to learning.

  • To provide for the safety and welfare of all students.

We believe that:

  • All students have the right to learn.

  • All teachers have the right to teach.

We believe that the development of our students into conscientious, socially aware, and well-disciplined young citizens is accomplished by doing the following:

  • Establishing an atmosphere and attitude on campus of mutual respect for each other, regardless of age, socioeconomic level, sex, color or creed.

  • Establishing and clearly communicating reasonable standards of behavior.

  • Communicating with students and parents the consequences of inappropriate behavior. Those consequences must be firm, fair and consistent.

  • Encouraging and maintaining a mutual effort between parents and school to provide students with positive and productive ways of developing social skills.

  • One of the major concerns of parents, educators and the community is discipline. The Code of Conduct addresses that concern.

  • The El Roble staff and parents are partners in achieving the goal of providing the best education for all of our children, beginning with an environment in which each student understands the limits of behavior and the benefits of positive actions.